Tamás Besenyei career timeline


Hi, I’m Tamas, an enthusiastic and self-motivated frontend architect from Hungary. I am currently working at OAT in Luxembourg. I have 11 years of web development experience in all fields. I'm renowned for good problem solving. I learn really fast and my biggest enemies are badly written codes and workarounds.

April 2019 -
Open Assessment Technologies
Frontend developer

Open Assessment Technologies develops TAO, what is an open source assessment web based software.

I was hired as frontend developer and worked in the refactoring and new technology team.

I have experiences in frontend development in Svelte, single-page applications, PostCSS, font icons, test frameworks (Jest), ES6 and webpack, rollup building system.

The skills I learned here include open source development and contribution.

November 2013 - March 2019
Docler Holding S.á r.l
Frontend software architect and developer

Docler Holding is a media company with offices in Hungary, Luxembourg and Los Angeles. The company's products are based on streaming technologies. Docler's main product is an adult website called Jasmin.com, which has 35 million unique users per day.

I was hired as lead developer of the mobile department, reimagined the legacy frontend codebase and created a modern mobile website for Jasmin.com.

After a half year I was promoted to be frontend lead developer of the whole company and I joined the 5-member technical leader board. There were 25 frontend developers under my lead in all the 3 headquarters.

As frontend leader my duties includes interviewing the new candidates, creating and managing promotion exams for developers and making decisions about new development plans and technologies.

Besides leading developments I remained an active member of the development team working on mobile, desktop and TV websites too. I planed a backbone.js based single-page application framework which is still used in the company.

In 2017, I joined to Streamago development and I created a new React based environment from ground.

I have experiences in frontend development in React+Redux, Typescript, single-page applications, Sass, font icons, test frameworks (I taught TDD in the company), ES6 and webpack building system.

I also developed scalable backend applications in node.js in docker. These applications used MongoDB, MySQL, Socket.io and Express framework.

The skills I learned here include continuous deployment, working in Scrum based on Agile, working on pages with high load and using different platforms such as AWS.

October 2012 -
November 2013  
( 1 year 1 month )
Brozie Kft
DevOps and Node.js developer
(Budapest, Hungary)

Brozie was a startup company that was in the incubator program of Docler Investment and I worked there as a javascript developer both on frontend and backend and I also got the chance to use my system administrator skills also to install and maintain linux servers.

We used continuous deployment and we had a custom jenkins based deployment system for that. Although Brozie was an unsuccessfull project I learnt a lot during this one year about Startups and team work.

My main task was to develop socket.io based node.js chat system cluster. Brozie also had extensions for modern browsers which I developed too. I also created an asyncronous jobqueue system for common use based on redis and mongodb sharding.

Used technologies: Node.js, RabbitMQ, Git, Linux, Jenkins, MongoDB + MySQL, AWS, Socket.io and Twitter Bootstrap

September 2011 -
April 2013   
( 2 years 8 months )
CreApps Laboratory Kft
owner, Node.js developer
(Budapest, Hungary)

With 2 of my friends I founded a startup company. We created websites for customers and mobile applications for the community.

Our most popular product is iMenetrend, which is a train schedule application for the hungarian train network. It is available in App Store and Google Play store as well.

We had other, less successful applications like coDrinking ("check in" drinks like places in FourSquare) and CVCraft (LinkedIn like application).

For the development we used node.js based backend application servers, backbone.js frontend framework and Appcelerator plaform for mobile applications.

February 2012 -
June 2012  
( 5 months )
Magyar Telekom
trainee in IT architect development department
(Budapest, Hungary)

I was a trainee in Magyar Telekom, which is a hungarian subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

During the half year I created a monitoring interface which aggregated data from different systems and it could alert about problems based on thresholds.

June 2008 -
May 2010  
( 2 years )
Cam-el-com Kft
Perl developer and system administrator
(Budapest, Hungary)

Camelcom was a garage company where I worked during my studies. I worked there as a perl web developer and linux system administrator. Because this was a small company I did everything like cabling, router setup, client PC installation and UTP crimping.

I learnt the IT basics there and it was really helpful in my life.

February 2009 -
June 2009  
( 5 months )
Nokia Siemens Networks
(Budapest, Hungary)

In NSN I was a trainee in the Mobile Switching Center controller program development department.

There I wrote my first thesis about Test coverage measurement in SDL codebase.

2010 -
Management, MSc
Engineering Management, MSc
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • Specialization: Information management
  • Thesis: Mobile application development management
2009 -
Technical Informatic, MSc
Technical Informatic, MSc
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • Specialization: Security of information systems
  • Thesis: Web based steganograpy
  • I won the "Best information security thesis of 2011" price from Hétpecsét organisation
  • Publication: StegoWeb: Towards the Ideal Private Web Content Publishing Tool
2005 -
Computer Engineering, BSc
Computer Engineering, BSc
(Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • Specialization: Infocommunication systems
  • Thesis: Module and unit test coverage measurement on TNSDL codes (Nokia Siemens Networks)
( 9 years )
React, Node.js, Typescript

I have strong knowledge both on frontend and backend side. I used React and backbone based frameworks in production, but I have experiences in others like Angular, Riot and Polymer.

In backend side I developed real time socket.io based notification systems, jobqueue system and chat server.

  • ES5-6-7, node.js, typescript
  • React+Redux, backbone.js, riot
  • gulp, grunt, webpack, sass, mocha
( 10 years )
Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS

I installed linux servers from ground with web and database servers, RAID.

I am familiar with scripting like bash, perl and python as well.

English, German, French
  • English ILR Level 3
  • German ILR Level 2
  • Hungarian native
April 2016
2nd place on Game of Code

We won the second place in a 24 hours hackathon called Game of Code.

Tessera could create mosaic videos from normal videos with frame decomposition.

November 2013
App Of The Year 2013 - Category and Overall winner
(Budapest, Hungary)
October 2011
Invitel Innoapps - Winner
(Budapest, Hungary)
( ~4 years )

We made home tournaments in Budapest and Luxembourg too.

( ~10 years )

I almost always build something. My actual project is a home automation system.

( ~3 year )

I make landscape, profile and event photos with my DSLR.